“AntiQua“ Firenze is a line of fragrances recalling the centuries-old magnificence of Florence, coveted cradle of Arts and Crafts, skillfully merging with the modern concept of a Niche longing for fine Fragrances with selected ingredients, free from any excess yet capable of inspiring intoxicating sensorial emotions.
The refined, elegant yet simple design of the bottles masterfully combines black and gold. A timeless yet fashionable elegance.
An alchemic olfactive harmony drawing on memories, on the valuable experience gained in the past and the overwhelming enthusiasm for the future.


Enzo Galardi is a renowned perfumer in the world of Fragrances, both in Italy and abroad.
A veritable Artisan of Artistic Fragrances, his sensitivity and creativity allowed him, as a child, to be considered as the natural successor of the Galardi family, continuing the great passion of his grandfather Guido for the art of perfumery.
He decides to create and introduce his modern dream, enclosed in the new line “AntiQua“ Firenze.
A dream come true thanks to his background and the historic fragrance tradition part of his training, as well as to his highly perceptive personality, which pushed him to design an innovative concept where the legendary olfactory splendor of the past beautifully blends with the liveliness of a bright, ever evolving future.

“Everything I know, I have learned on the field. 
My dreams are the reason why I am here now”